Why consuming Wild Blueberries is one of the best things we can do for our health!

Similar to oxidisation in metals, oxidation also occurs in the body, where it contributes to many diseases & ageing.

Wild Blueberries contain Antioxidants that protect against this process.

One of the first scientist to understand that Wild Blueberries contain an astonishing amount of antioxidants was Ronald Prior Ph.D - Nutrition Scientist.  He developed the ORAC test, the most widely recognised method to measure the antioxidant capacity of foods. He says that regular Blueberries have the highest capacity of any other foods but the Wild Blueberry are again TWICE higher than the regular cultivated Blueberries!

In addition to antioxidants, recent studies have also been found that other Flavanoids or chemical compounds in the wild blueberries, offer significant health benefits and Food Chemist – Wilhemina  Kalt Ph.D says “The Underlying theme in all this is the property of these flavonoids as anti-inflammatory agents and in a lot of our degenerative diseases and processes, the underlying damage is arising from inflammation, and if these compounds are working as anti-inflammatory agents which there’s lots of evidence that they are… this is really significant”.

So there you have it - just one of many reasons to consume Wild Blueberries on a regular basis! 

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