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Protect your health with Wild Blueberries

Why Wild?

"Wild Blueberries have the highest proportion of antioxidants of any food on the planet"

- Anthony William, NY Times Best Selling Author 


Stress . Brain Health . Gut Health . Liver . Immune System Support . Heart Health . Nervous System Support

Our A Grade, low-bush Wild Blueberries are free from herbicides or pesticides of any kind.

They are picked, immediately frozen, then dehydrated at very low temperatures, preserving their nutrients and sky high levels of antioxidants. 

Resilient Health Wild Blueberry powder only contains one ingredient - dried Wild Blueberries (in its entirety - pulp, skin & seeds!)

The recommended daily intake of two teaspoons equates to one full cup of fresh Wild Blueberries!

And you'll be happy to know, that in every 150gram pack of our Wild Blueberry Powder, is the equivalent of approximately 22 cups of fresh wild blueberries! 

"This is such an amazing health giving product - so happy to finally be able to source this easily in Australia. Highly recommend"!

Nat Russell - Writer for Changing Habits & Student Dip. Naturopathy

"Since taking Wild Blueberry Powder, my muscle pains have reduced by around 60%. My memory is better &  I feel more energetic. Both my kids & Hubby love it! Definitely worth giving a try and watching how it transforms your health"!


I bought this Wild Bluberry on the recommendation of Medical Medium when my body felt like it was breaking down. My joints were seizing up & this was one of the main changes I made to get better (along with celery juices!)

I still love it now, it's deliciously sweet, not like our usual Aussie Blueberries.


Best Wild Blueberry Powder I've ever received here in Australia and Natalie is one of the most beautiful souls I've encountered on my healing journey!

What a delight it is just to buy Wild Blueberry powder and the chewy Wild Blueberries from Nat ... and the product itself is amazing!

Love love love your products!


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