Wild Blueberry for Nervous System Support, Home made Cough Syrups, plus NOW is the time to Shine Your Light!

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If you have a little more time, I invite you to read on...

We could all do with some extra antioxidants right now to build our immune system, and give our Nervous System some love & support!

With so much change happening in the world, we’ve been forced into higher levels of stress than ever before.

But I truly believe regardless of what things look like on the surface, we are undergoing a necessary global shift in consciousness.

The current world events have been a catalyst of change for many of us, helping us to connect with what’s most important.

For me, it’s been my family. My relationships, connecting with myself in nature, through gardening as well as deepening my daily dance movement meditation practise

It’s helped me to ground myself more to our beautiful mother earth, in the realisation that as so much changes around us within social structures and governments, one thing that remains reliable, truthful and essential to our well-being is our beautiful mother nature.

I’ve been enjoying hikes with my family in our local area, gardening and enjoying the self sufficiency of harvesting my own celery for juicing along with many other vegetables.

There seems to be an abundance of colds and flu our there at the moment, I am hearing about this from many of my customers as well as in my local community.

Planting an array of anti viral herbs in our veggie gardens is one way to protect you & your family against viral pathogens….just the other day I made my 5 & 8  year olds a natural cough syrup. It felt so empowering to do.

With just 3/4 cup raw honey, 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, 2-3 lemons, (optional 1/2 cup chewy wild blueberries for extra antioxidants!), along with your favourite anti-viral herbs….I used Thyme & Rosemary, you have yourself the most potent of cough syrups!

You could add many more anti-virals than this such as garlic, but since my 5 year old is a bit fussy, I stuck with more palatable herbs.

I used my dehydrator because I wanted to preserve all those nutrients raw honey offers! I simply set the temperature to 42 degrees and left it in there for 12 hours! Then I poured it into a jar decorated with rainbows to ensure my 5 year old would accept it! :)

If you don't have a dehydrator, this doesn't matter - you can make in your window sill and seeing as we're coming into the warmer weather here in Australia (I'm in the South West of WA) , you should be able to find a spot of 8 -10 hours of solid sun.

The best thing we can do for humanity right now is ground ourselves to our beautiful mother nature, engaging activities that refresh and renew our Spirit....and most importantly, continue to Shine Your Light.

I know that many of my customers are a beacon of light to many others who may be finding this time on Earth difficult to navigate. So I personally thank you for the amazing work you are doing to not only help Humanity but also to help our beautiful Planet to Thrive. You know who you are!

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Sending blessings and miracles to you today. :)

Much Love

Natalie Joy  xx
Resilient Health

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