Wild Blueberry + Hazelnut in Vegan Chocolate

Wild Blueberry + Hazelnut in Vegan Chocolate

Okay, so firstly, I’m going to give you two recipes. The first is a super easy throw-it-together option using your own choice of vegan chocolate which you simply melt down.

The second option is a make-from-scratch vegan ‘mylk’ chocolate which takes a little more time, but will likely be the cleaner option free from soy lecithin.

I used a vegan melted down Lindt chocolate for this.

But if you have the time, I highly recommend making your own vegan chocolate as it is so rewarding!

Ive used this recipe for Easter Eggs before and it’s turned out so well…you just need a vitamix or other high power blender to turn the coconut sugar to powder. (Some people use honey but it tends to sweat out of the chocolate when it sets and honey doesn’t allow for tempering for those who are game to try that. Only powdered sweeteners allow for tempering.

Let’s get onto it!



2 cups Resilient Health Chewy Wild Blueberries
1 cup whole roasted Hazelnuts
2 Bars of Lindt chocolate melted down (alternative below)


Add the chewy wild blueberries and roasted hazelnuts into a stainless steel bowl.

After melting the chocolate pour the melted chocolate mixture over the top of the berries and hazelnuts and mix until fully combined.

I use a non stick Teflex sheet from my dehydrator to scoop these out into mounds, but you could use not-stick baking paper on a large baking tray which would work just fine!

If you’re keen to try your hand at raw vegan chocolate, then here’s the recipe;

250gr Cacao Butter
70-90% Cacao Powder
130gr Coconut Sugar
20gr Cashews
Pinch of crystal salt 

1. In this order, add the ingredients to the Vitamix jug; cacao butter, cashews,
coconut sugar, and salt.

2. Turn the Vitamix on high speed and, using the tamper stick, push the ingredients
into the blades. You are doing the work here for the first minute of blending.

3. Once the mix has turned to a liquid, take the temperature and make sure it's not
exceeding 42° C. Add the cacao powder at this time.

4. Bring the mix to 42° C and then transfer to a medium to large mixing bowl - at this point you can add your wild blueberries and hazelnuts!

NOTE. Make sure your coconut sugar is powdered first before you make this recipe. 

You will need to powder this down separately (on its own!) otherwise it will stay granulated if you add it to the main recipe in its granulated state.

Some tips to powdering your Coconut Sugar.

Don’t go in too hard too fast or you will over blend the coconut sugar resulting in hot sugary lava rocks. You want to keep the blades as cool as you can on your high powder blender,  working for small amount of time, till the powder starts to form.

Have fun & enjoy!

Resilient Health  





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