Egyptian Blue Lotus

Egyptian Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus

Egyptian Blue Lotus - the latest addition to our online store will be available to purchase via our website on the 21st Jan!

Here’s just some of the benefits;

  • Supports relaxation

  • Relieves stress & anxiety

  • Improves circulation

  • Supports sleep

  • Moon enhancer

  • Promotes lucid dreaming

  • Libido support

  • Mild euphoric

“No matter how muddy your surroundings, you can rise and bloom like the Lotus”

The Blue Lotus is an aquatic Lily that grows in the muddy depths of rivers and lakes.

In time, the flowers rise up towards the light above the surface of the water, emerging clean, beautiful and whole with the most heavenly scent.

Opening at sunrise, and closing at sunset, the Lotus uses its dark and muddy surroundings as nourishment as it climbs towards the light.

A beautiful metaphor for Resilience!

In Asian countries, the Lotus is a symbol for rising above the suffering of Humans, as well as the symbol for spiritual enlightenment.

Our Ancient Egyptian Ancestors believed that the Lotus was a symbol of the cycle of the Sun through the heavens.

Used during religious ceremonies, and even made into Blue Lotus Wine, the Egyptians recognized it as a symbol for regeneration & rebirthing as well as being thought of as a way to connect to the Divine.

There is no wonder it was an important part of Tutankhamun’s transition to the afterlife!

The Egyptians would even smoke the flower as a recreational drug as well as an aphrodisiac.

Blue Lotus should not be consumed if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking any anti-diabetes medications.  


Always take care when brewing our Blue Lotus as we recommend hot water for best tasting results.  3 - 5 grams of dried flowers (approx 1 flower) per 1 to 2 cups (250-500mL) of hot water.  Let steep for 5-10 minutes.  

So excited for launch day!

Love Natalie x
Resilient Health

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